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Will not launch - no changes on my end. Online login says BAD Request. Tested on 2 different computers - same results.


Hi Jeff,

Unfortunately, we experienced a full server outage today (Monday, Feb 12th), which should be the cause of the error messages you received. The good news is, the issue has been resolved, so everything should now be working correctly. We're very sorry for the inconvenience this caused.

Can you check really quick to make sure everything is working now? If you are still experiencing a problem, please let me know and I'll look into it immediately.

Thank you Mike - all is working fine.

Just curious - I'm using the standalone desktop version (not syncing data), why would the server outage impact the desktop version? I made an assumption it is a PW credential authentication process. I chose this configuration for this primary reason - I'm not dependent on a 3rd party server.

Thanks - appreciate you and your team resolving the problem and getting back to me. 

Just a helpful point - Some type of outage message on your support portal page would have help - I panicked, I'm sure a lot of other users did too.



Hi Jeff,

You're right about posting a message in the forum or on our blog for the website. That would have been very helpful, and I'll remember to do that if something like this should occur in the future.

For your other question, mSecure actually should not stop working when there's a server outage. We're now working on a couple of different issues. First, the server should never go down, of course, but also mSecure should run without any problems if the server does go down. So far as I can tell from our support requests, it looks like only the Windows app did not handle this issue the way it should. I'm going to be talking to our developer tomorrow to make sure has this fixed in the next release.

Also, a server connection is required for both password authentication when the app is installed/reinstalled and a user signs in to their account and also for licensing purposes. For license, however, it's only checked when the expiration date is drawing near, so again, that should not cause the problems users experienced when the outage hit.

Does that answer your questions fully Jeff?

Thank you Mike for the detailed reply - Appreciate the great support and feedback.

FYI: I like this product. Been using it for many, many years and I think this is the first issue I have ever experienced. 


No problem at all Jeff, and thank you for your patience through all this.

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