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Two Separate Accounts

I believe I have somehow set-up two separate accounts when I went from Legacy account to mSecure6.  One is associated with and the other  I need to:

Not be paying for two accounts, only one.

I need the account with all my saved data to be the only account.

I need to link that account with my: iPAD, iPHONE and Apple Watch

I have tried several on-line fixes and am still having problems, can I speak to a real-person who chan check my account status and ho to resolve issues?

Thank you,


Hi Jerry,

Thank you for contacting us. This will be no problem at all to fix. The first thing I need to do is find out is if you have a device that has all your information stored in mSecure. If you do, this will be a very simple fix in that you'll just reinstall mSecure on the other device, sign in to the correct account, and all the data will sync over to it. If you have a different data set in both your iPhone and iPad, you'll first need to merge your data.

Do you have all your data in mSecure on one device, and if so, which device is it?

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