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Two-factor authentication only available on Premium

Hi Mike,

I have an Essential account and I noticed that there is an inconsistency between the Android and Windows platforms. On the Android platform, If I click on Settings, Two-factor Authentication, there is a pop-up which says that this feature is only available on Premium. However, on the Windows Store app, the same feature shows 3 choices - Email, Authenticator app, and Text Messages with no mention of having to have Premium account. I have enabled two-factor authentication on the Windows app, and this in turn sets up a request for the authentication key when installing the Android version of mSecure. So, in actual fact, two-factor authentication does not appear to be restricted only for Premium accounts.

This is good because when it comes to security, there really shouldn't be a distinction between a Premium and a non-Premium account. I hope to see the Android version updated to show the same options made available as in the Windows app, that is, if you don't have any other concerns.

Hi JSeow,

I'm not sure how this got by us, but the Two-Factor Authentication feature is actually a Premium feature. While it's not that we are never going to add new features to the Essentials tier, we haven't done that yet. The Essentials plan mostly exists so that all long-standing customers with a V5 Pro license will not lose any functionality, since they're grandfathered into that tier at no cost. Up to this point, we've only been adding new paid features to the Premium Plan

I have to talk to our development team about what should be done in the future, because this discrepancy is starting to cause confusion. I'm not sure what will be done to remedy the problem, but I suspect the feature will be blocked for Essentials accounts in a future Windows release.

Hi Mike, Well, it's a good thing I brought it to your attention then. Whatever you decide, please bear in mind that some form of 2FA, or passkey, is probably a must-have these days. For instance, Bitwarden offers simpler forms of 2FA for its free accounts and more advanced ones for subscription-based accounts. But I do appreciate some of the features of mSecure over those of Bitwarden.

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