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want to upgrade to family plan but have purchased premium acct on windows store

 have and love msecure on both ios and windows and would like to upgrade to a family plan, msecure support tells me to do this via the windows store but the store will only let me cancel.  support has been quite unresponsive and unhelpful.

Hi Bernie,

Thank you for contacting us. I checked your ticket, and I suspect Nick will be answering you later today. I see his last response to you was on Friday, so he must not have been able to get another response out before the end of his work day. Since we don't work over the weekend, today would be the day he would be able to get you his next response to your issue.

For the Microsoft Store, there is no way to upgrade a subscription when the subscription was issues through a third party app like mSecure. Microsoft may be able to upgrade the subscription if you contacted them, but they don't give us any easy way to do it for whatever reason.

The best we can do here is have you cancel the subscription through Microsoft, and then purchase a new subscription through our website at a pro-rated cost. For example, let's say you purchased a yearly subscription through the Microsoft Store at $20, and you made the purchase 6 months ago. After cancelling the subscription and purchasing a new one through our website, I could process a partial refund of $10, since you had only used 1/2 (6 months) of the 1 year subscription you purchased.

Would you be interested in moving over to a subscription through our website Bernie?

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