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Can I import my husbands mSecure both are version 6

Can I import my husbands mSecure ? Both are version 6. Both are iPhone. (and note to tech support - he still has an unresolved issue)

Hi Jenni,

I'm not sure what you are wanting to do here, but I'm sure I can help. Before we would want to do anything with your husband's data, I need to be sure I know why you are wanting to import it. If it's that he's running into an issue we're having troubles resolving, that wouldn't be a great reason to combine your information.

Also, I'm not exactly sure what you mean when you ask about importing his data. Are you both wanting to combine your mSecure information into one account, where both of you would have access to each other's data, or are you talking about sharing information between accounts?

One other thing, I can find your husband's ticket in our system and look to see what's going wrong. It's possible I'm already trying to help, or it could be I could take the ticket over to try to expedite the support process. Can you let me know what his name is? If I could get his email address, that would help most. If you don't want to write out that email on the forum, perhaps we could move over to email support instead.

Hi Mike, 

Thank you for your reply.

This might be lengthy, so please hang in there.

I originally signed up with mSecure. I believe with version three or four, and used it prior to my husbands, signing up and purchasing his own version of mSecure. So we have 2 separate accounts. We are both on Apple devices. 

I would like to be able to import the data from my husband‘s mSecure. He travels a lot and there have been many occasions when I need to get a login or password when he is traveling that is why it would be super helpful to import his data.

However, he also needed to have a new iPad. So when he tried to transfer his data, I believe he was going to go with the new version on the iPad and there was a problem transferring from the old iPad to the new iPad and the data is different on his devices. He tried to get support, and the solutions didn’t work. and his problem still exists. It would be great if you could help him figure that out because it’s been a huge source of frustration.

I have been hesitant to upgrade to your new version because of the problems that he has had.

And I agree, I don’t want to import his issues into my account.

Also, if there’s like a family plan where we both share our data with each other would also be helpful, but I would need to know if one of us updates or adds data to the mSecure would it automatically show up on the other persons device?

Thank you in advance for a reply.


p.s. if we move to email discussion, please delete this full post, as I don’t want our emails getting picked up by spammers. Thank you. 

Hi Jenni,

I found an older ticket in our email support system, so I will be emailing you soon to continue the discussion. From what I can tell, your husband looks to have reset his account at some point, so we're more than likely going to have to make a backup of his data and restore it.

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