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Login Issues

I just purchased MSecure on the web.  I then activated my account online and can log in just fine on the web.  I then downloaded the app from the Windows Store, but when I try to log into the app, it tells me that my email or password is incorrect.  I am using the same information as when I activated my account.

Ok.  Based on other forums, I checked on my login.  I can log into mSecure Support, but I am not able to log into the app.  I just purchased mSecure.  How do I activate my account now that I've purchased it?

Hi Mary,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I just checked your account that uses the email for your support account. It looks like that account was created on April 28th of this year, and at least one Windows computer was able to sign in to the account. Are you saying that you are not able to open mSecure on your PC now? If you can't, what happens when you open mSecure on that device? Do you see screen that asks you only for your password?

One more thing, I can help you with getting access to your account, but it will have to be reset first. Did you add information to mSecure after you set up the account on April 28th?

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