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How to export to a CVS from from Msecure 6 Andriod

 I use Msecure 6 in on my Android.  How do I export  records to a CVS  file. 

Hi Sidath,

Thank you for contacting us. At this time, exporting to CSV on an Android device is not possible. It can only be done in either the Mac or Windows version of mSecure. Do you have either of those types of computers on which you can install mSecure?

Yes I have windows pc's.  How do I install ? Do I have to pay for another licence ? As of now I have installed in my phone and a tablet to sync.  



Yes, I have windows PC.  Do I have to purchase another licence for the PC to install ? 

Hi Sidath,

You don't have to purchase another license to install mSecure on your PC. You can install the app on your computer using this link:

After you download mSecure, simply sign in to your "" account. If you need access to your QR code, you can scan it using your PC's camera from the Account Settings of mSecure on your Android device, or you can resend the QR code via email from the Account Settings instead.

Use this article to learn how to send the QR code if needed: Account Authentication

Use this article for instructions on how to authenticate with the QR code: Authentication Instructions

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