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Pictures in new records don’t show up

I have a paid subscription. I am disappointed that when creating a new record and capturing a photo within it doesn’t work. This means that when I take a photo when creating a new record, you can see the icon of the photo but when you actually open the photo nothing populates. I don’t recall what these photos are, and I’m quite frustrated that I paid good money for an app that was working and now doesn’t. I don’t know how to retrieve those photos because I can’t recall what all of them are of. If this can’t be fixed, I’ll request my money be returned so I can pay for and use an app that actually works and doesn’t lose information.

Hi JB,

It looks like you are running into a known issue we have in 6.1.2 where some or all attachments will not get displayed. The good news is, we have already worked through the issue with a couple of other customers, and the problem should be fixed after 6.1.3 is published to the App Store. We plan to do that either today or over the weekend.

After 6.1.3 is installed on your device, you should be able to see all of your attachments again. If you still see an issue after 6.1.3 is installed, please let us know immediately so we can figure out what's going wrong.

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