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msecure on android non-responsive after update.

Hello, folks.

Something changed with msecure 6 pro about a week ago, and it is now unuseable.

 On  application start, after logging in, the message "syncing data" appears at the bottom of the window. The app is non-responsive while syncing, and after about 1 minute of displaying "syncing data", android reports that the app has become non-responsive.  No matter how many times I click "wait", the app never comes around.

  Restarting the application does not make the problem go away.

  Restarting the phone does not make the problem go away.

I've been running msecure pro on this  phone for over 2 years.  I've been using it every week during that entire period of time. 

 I previously had this phone configured to back up its records to a windows 10 machine on my home LAN, but since upgrading that desktop to windows 11, I've been unable to re-install msecure 6 on it.

  Can someone tell me how to make this app behave again?

Hi Andrew,

I believe I just responded to you in a different thread. We released version to the Play Store just a few days ago, and it addressed at least one Wi-Fi issue that could be causing what you're experiencing. Do you know if you have downloaded that new version yet?

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