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Account Cancellation Problem

Hi, I’ve converted my account to a family plan. I successfully added my kids to the family plan. My wife had a historic mSecure account. Using the Paddle (mSecure website) we logged in and thought we achieved cancellation of her previous account but it did not work. I now see the attached on (screenshot). When she logs in with her email address in the iOS app it shows that she has a “Premium Account”. Her email is: I’d like her old account canceled so I can enroll her in my family account. Thanks! Rick

Hi Rick,

Thank you for contacting us and bringing this to our attention! The problem here is that the website is not seeing that your wife's account is covered by your Family subscription, but I have checked in our system, and it is definitely covered. Also, since she is seeing her account is Premium when she signed in to the app, that's showing the license has been applied correctly. We will be working on this issue as soon as possible, because the website should be showing the correct account status when covered by a Family subscription.

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