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Upgrade from Essential to Premium

I have Essential and would like to upgrade to Premium. I signed up through my Microsoft account. I cancelled the subscription, per instructions, but I don't want to wait until June, my renewal date, to upgrade. Is there a way to upgrade to Premium sooner?

Hi Dave,

Thank you for contacting us. The only way to upgrade the subscription now would be for me to expire it, and then you could purchase a new one from our website. After the purchase, I could issue you a partial refund for the 2+ months you have remaining on your Essentials subscription. For example, let's say the remaining time on your current subscription is 75 days (2.5 months). If your yearly cost was without a discount, then it would have been $19.99. You could purchase a Premium yearly subscription for $29.99, then I could issue a partial refund for 19.99 * (2.5/12) = $4.16.

Would you like to go that route? If so, let me know, because I will have to provide instructions before you go about the purchase.

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