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Just purchased a yearly subscription and cannot login

I just purchased my Essentials subscription (receipt #47826271-71839718) after being a mSecure 4 app user for 7 years. I cannot get logged in. If I try to set up a new account, it says my email already has an account. If I try to sign in using that account, I get a message that it is an incorrect username/password. I was able to set up an account on the mSecure Support page using the same email and have changed my password there.  Is this the same user account? If so, why can't I get logged in? This is quite frustrating. 

Hi Karen,

Can you please open our website in a web browser on one of your devices? The website is In the top right corner, you'll see "LOGIN." Click that button, then try to login to your account on the website. Were you able to do so?

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