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Remove unwanted available tags

When adding a tag to a new record or when adding a new tag to an existing record, when you start typing a list of available tags is displayed and you can select one.  If I have a tag Software but type software both versions will appear the next time I start a tag with "s".  Even though either will work when filtering, is it possible to remove unwanted available tags?

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for contacting us. You can remove tags, but it's a little bit of a process and only can be done in the desktop version of mSecure. In order to remove a tag, simply click on the tag you want to delete in the left column. This will filter your records so that only those records with that tag will be displayed in the middle column. After that, select all of those records by clicking on one of them and then pressing "ctrl + A" on a PC or "command + A" on a Mac keyboard. This will select all of the records and bring in the batch edit mode in the right column. Simply remove the tag you want to delete in the batch editor, then add the tag you want to keep. After you save the changes, the tag that no longer exists on any records will be removed from the system. 

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