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iOS mSecure app / changing account e-mail not working

I upgraded my mSecure to the latest ver 6 via the Apple App Store.    My apple ID is different than the account name for mSecure.   Therefore, the app is not recognizing my paid for subscription and is not giving me access to paid for features.

I have attempted to change the account name to the same one that Apple Store uses, but the mSecure app will not let me change it.    How to fix this?

Hi Edwin,

Thank you for contacting us. The email address you use for your mSecure account doesn't have to match the email address on your Apple ID in order for the subscription to be applied to your mSecure account. Those two emails are not tied to one another in that way. It's possible you are running into a different issue that affects a small handful of our customers, but I need to get more information from you to be sure, and we'll need to move over to email support for me to get that info.

Please email me at "," then let me know here after you have sent it. As soon as I see the email in our system, I'll respond.

I just emailed as you requested
I just emailed

Hi Edwin. I just responded to your email, so we'll keep our correspondence via email from here on out.

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