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QR code

My original app no longer works so I downloaded the latest version and it's asking for QR code. The information I received said I would be emailed the codes I have not received the codes

Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting us. The QR code, or your Encrypted Account Key, is only sent one time when you first set up your mSecure account. It looks like your account was created back in May of 2017, so it's likely you no longer have access to the QR codes. Unfortunately, the only way to re-send that email is if you currently have access to mSecure on at least one device, and since it sounds like you were using the older version of mSecure, I'm pretty sure you don't have any devices running mSecure 6. In this case, an account reset is needed.

Before I help you with the account reset, can you let me know what type of device you are using? Also, you mentioned the app no longer working. What is happening with the older version when you try to open it?

Using IOS

@Michael I'm not sure what you mean here. Are you having problems with the iOS mSecure app?

I have an older version of mSecure and was trying to update to mSecure6.  I don't have a QR code. It would not accept my email since an existing account is tied to it. So, how do I upgrade?


@Michael If you are using the mSecure 3 or 4 app, you will simply need to reset your mSecure 6 account in order to get access to it again. After you reset the account, you should be asked if you would like to migrate your information in from the older app when you go through the setup process.

Real quick, can you let me know what version of mSecure you are able to view your information? Also, what type of device are you using?

I'm using 3. Can't set up account for 6 with same email as 3, so I'm stuck. What next?

@Michael mSecure 3 is not tied to a centralized account system, and it doesn't actually know about any emails you use. That app only ran locally on your computer. mSecure 5 was when we created our account system, so that version of the app was the first to tie into one. You must have created an account in mSecure 5 at some point in the past and then decided to continue using mSecure 3.

Instead of trying to Sign Up for a new account, can you open mSecure and click the "Sign In" button instead to sign in to an existing account? When you do that, what happens when you enter your email address and password?

I can sign into the app but then it wants the QR code. It prompts me to reset my account. I'm worried about losing my data if I do that.

@Michael Ok, I checked your account, and it was created way back in May of 2017, so it's likely you don't have your QR code any longer. However, the easies thing to do would be to find that code so you can use it to authenticate you as the owner of your account. However, if you were to reset your account, it would have no effect on the data stored in mSecure 3 or mSecure 4. Accounts were introduced in mSecure 5, so those older apps don't get affected by the account reset.

Would my date in 3 automatically be transferred to 6 if I reset and update?  Thanks.

@Michael If you are on a Mac computer, and you reset your mSecure 6 account on that computer, you will be asked if you would like to import your data from mSecure 3 when you set up the app after the reset. On a PC, you simply have to make a backup of your v3 data, and that's spelled out in the setup screens.

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