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Access to mSecure 5 on iphone 14 + backup questions

I am unable to access mSecure app on new iPhone 14.
I followed links and reset my password. However, I still can not access the app on new device.

My email is the same. new password but alas no access.

What do I do?

Reset password?

Also how do I unencrypt backup on iCloud? Can backup be emailed unencrypted?

Thank you for any and all help.

Hi Salma,

Thank you for contacting us. I don't think you finished the account reset process, as I'm still seeing information on your account that shouldn't be there if it was fully reset. I can help with this, but I did want to make sure you understand something before you reset your account. If you reset your account, the data stored in mSecure 6 on any of your devices will be destroyed. Before you go through with this, are you able to open any version of mSecure on any of your devices using your password, fingerprint or facial recognition? If you are, there is a certain way you should go about what is needed, and I'll send instructions when I know for sure what's happening.

Thank you  thank you thank you.

Yes I am able to open the app and see my data on my old iPhone.
I did not reset. At least I don't think I did.
I changed my password. At least I think I did.

I also need to figure out back up options to make sure the data is available in other forms.

Let me know. Thank you again.

Ok, this is great news. If you are able to see your data on your old iPhone, then everything should be good moving forward. Just to be sure, the next thing I need to know is which version of mSecure you are running on your old phone. Go ahead and open mSecure, then tap on the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines). Tap Settings, then scroll down and tap "About mSecure" in the Settings screen. What version does it say you are running?

 Now on your new phone, what happens when you open mSecure? Are you able to get to a place where it asks you to sign in or sign up for a new account? If you're seeing any error messages, please let me know what it tells you.

Thank you again.
I have 6.0.8 (896)   2022

On the new iPhone, I get to the sign in and password but it does not accept any password options! even the new one!

Not sure what I am doing wrong there.

Thank you so so much.

I'm not sure what's happening here Salma. On your account, I can see that your password was changed on the 12th of December, about a week ago. Real quick, when you open mSecure on your old phone, are you able to enter your password manually from the keyboard in order to unlock the app? If you are using Face ID, please turn your face away from the phone when you open mSecure, then cancel the dialog and enter your password manually.

Are you able to unlock it?

I did that and was able to login on the old phone with the new password.

Now when I am on the new iPhone, right about where I would enter password, HINT shows my password as HINT!

I see the same HINT on the old phone. Exactly the same!

Do I need to remove the app from the new phone?

One other note, I still have the old version of the app on both phones. Does that impact the sign in on the new phone? There are no records on the old version of the app. Should I delete?

Thank you.

Yes. I did try that and yes I can log in with the new password on the old phone.

FYI, on both phones, above password field, I see HINT. The HINT is my actual password!!! Shouldn't that be different?

True on both old and new phones!

I also have the old versions of the app on both phones with no data. Should I delete the old app?

Thank you again.

Hi Salma,

Ok, the reason your password is showing as the hint is because you entered the password as the hint when you changed your password. That may have happened due to you not being able to see all of the fields when you went through the password change process in mSecure's Settings. Let's get that fixed really quick on your old phone.

First, to make sure you are able to see all of the fields when you change your password, change your device to Dark Mode. Once your device is in Dark Mode, open new mSecure app, then tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines). In The Settings screen, tap "Change Password." The current password should be entered in after you authenticate via Face or Touch ID, then you'll enter a new password (it can be the same one you just changed it to, since we're only fixing the hint). After you enter the password one time, tap Next in the top right. In the next screen, enter your password again, then enter a hint (not the password) in the last field.

After doing that, are you now seeing the right information when the Hint is displayed on the lock screen of mSecure on the old phone? After I make sure this is set up correctly, we'll move over to troubleshooting the issue on the new phone.

yes. done.

thank you.

Ok, now that you have the Hint set correctly, I'm going to have you try reinstalling mSecure on your new phone. Since you have all your data on your old phone, go ahead and delete mSecure from your new phone then install it again from the App Store. After reinstalling mSecure, go ahead and try signing in with the password you just set. Were you able to sign in?

that was magic. OMG. Thank you so much.

I have one other question: how can I have backup go to email and unencrypt it?

Thank you so so so much.

No problem at all Salma, and it's great to hear you were able to get everything working! For your last question, I'm not sure what you mean exactly. You can send yourself an email backup from the Settings of mSecure on your iPhone. Simple open mSecure, tap the menu button in the top left, then tap Settings. In the Settings screen, tap the "Email Backup" option. You can then enter an email address you would like to send the backup to. However, that backup can only be restored in mSecure. There is no way to decrypt the data in the backup file without restoring it.

Were you just asking how you make use of the email backups you send yourself, or are you trying to do something in particular with the backup?

I guess I was hoping the backup could provide me a run down of all my passcodes for me to have as back up.

Thank you

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