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Upgrade essentials to premium

I have a pro (essentials) account. I just paid 26,99 GBP to upgrade to premium. It had be billed from my Apple Pay account but the upgrade is not activated. Please can you activate ? Thanks

Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I just checked our purchase system, and I cannot find a purchase searching for the email address you're using here in the forum. However, it's possible you purchased the subscription from inside the mSecure app, and in that case, I can't look for purchases, since Apple doesn't allow us to see purchases made through the App Store.

Can you tell me how you purchased your subscription? Did you go through our website or from inside the app?

Hi, I purchased an upgrade in the app. Can you activate in any way for me ?
Hi Mike, I purchased it in the app itself. Any way you can activate it for me ?

Hi Mark,

I think you're running into an issue a small handful of customers have experienced where mSecure isn't getting notified by the App Store that a purchase made. These types of issues are best handled via email support instead of on the Forum, since I'm going to need to get some personal information from you. Please email us at "" and let me know here in this thread after you do. I'll respond via email after I see it.

Email send. Thanks Mike.
Email sent. Thanks Mike

I see your email in our support system. I'll be responding to you soon Mark.

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