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Lost passwords

I changed my password for the app and 95% of my passwords stored within the app disappeared. I wrote to you in regards to it but I think I was misunderstood and you thought I wanted to change my password. No, I want or should I say I need my information restored.

Hi Nadine,

I checked your emails in our system, and I don't think Nick, the other support rep who was responding to you, misunderstood the problem. He was trying to help you with both the licensing issue and the the data problem you reported. I can help you here in the forum, but I don't think my responses are going to be much different.

You currently have two problems: 1) You believe you purchased a license for mSecure 5, but we don't see it in our system; 2) You are missing most of your data. We'll have to address both of these issues. We can start with either one, but it's possible the two problems are related, because you are in a very unique situation that has a LOT of variables involved.

First, to be clear, you do not have an mSecure 5 Pro license on the account with the email you are using here in the forum. That account was created in June of 2020, and there is no license on it. That typically means you were using the older mSecure 3/4 app and not mSecure 6. If you believe you purchased a license, we will have to try to find it on a different account, because I cannot find it anywhere in our system.

Second, when you change your password from the Settings of mSecure, your data will not be lost. All that happens when a password is changed is that the data in the app is re-encrypted with the new password you set. The only way you would lose data is if you reset your account because you forgot your password. Can you please let me know how you changed your password? Was it in the Settings of the app? Please take me through the steps you went through.

Also, I'm going to check how many records mSecure thinks are in the app. Go ahead and open mSecure on your iOS device, then tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines). What number do you see to the right of "All Records" at the top of the menu?

Almost all my stored passwords have been "deleted"! Help. And you don't recognize my password. Victor Marquis or  (860)792-1691

Hi Vic,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. What happened that makes you think all your passwords have been deleted? Also, what do you mean when you say mSecure doesn't recognize your password? If you somehow found that your passwords were deleted, then you would have had to have made your way into the app, and that can only be done by mSecure accepting the password you enter. Can you provide more information on what's going wrong? If I can get on the same page as you, I'm hopeful I can help.

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