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Can't Sync - Don't know how to change router

I sync only locally, using Wi-Fi, between my Windows 11 computer (Main mSecure sync device) and mSecure on my iPhone. All was fine until I changed routers. mSecure still shows the old router under Sync Status, and when I try to turn on the Main Computer option mSecure crashes. I've tried turning Sync Automatically off and back on but that doesn't change anything. How can I switch mSecure over to my new router?

Hi David,

I'm seeing some activity from you in our email support, so I'm going to move to that channel from here on out. It's a bit easier to use the email support, and we definitely need to keep all correspondence in one channel, so let's stick to email from here on out. I'll send you an email soon to continue the troubleshooting.

That works. Will await your email. Thanks.

I just replied via email David.

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