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How may I “force” re-enable face id?

Often it works out mSecure doesn’t accept my face on my iPhone 11 Pro (iOS 15.7) as easily as do some other apps. I can live with that. The ☞ problem ☜ is that mSecure (for security reasons) forces disabling face id for awhile. Even though I may acquire access to the app using the correct password, the option for re-enabling face id has disappeared from Settings! How may I overcome this behavior in mSecure. Is it simply my punishment to wait (and to get a prettier and more easily recognizable face)?

Hi Albo,

I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing. I'm not sure what's happening, because every part of Face ID is handled by iOS and not mSecure. When you open any app, the app simply tells iOS, I need you to authenticate this user, then everything from that point on is handled outside of iOS. After the user is authenticated, then iOS hands back the password so the data in the app can be decrypted. So as far as the actual recognition of your face goes, there's nothing mSecure can do to make that part better or worse.

For the other issue, its sounds like mSecure's permission to use Face ID has been removed from iOS. To fix that, open the iOS Settings app, scroll down and tap mSecure, then make sure the "Face ID" toggle is turned on to allow mSecure access to the feature.

Howdy, Mike. Thanks for your apology: not required. *I* apologize for having you suspect otherwise. It is likely an iOS shortcoming that makes this happen. As for your suggestion: it appears mSecure has a time period for enforcing disabled biometrics. The “Face ID” toggle isn’t even *visible* in mSecure options for a while! This is even though I am still easily able to logon to the iPhone itself (and other FaceID-enabled apps) during the time that mSecure has disabled it! After a while (I forget, perhaps it may be an hour or so) mSecure relents and the FaceID enable toggle re-appears in mSecure options! I just need to know how to keep the toggle from disappearing in mSecure options, or, indeed (if I so choose) how to have it never disappear at all! I truly hope my description is clear. This is a problem that occurs in *mSecure* Options and not Options affecting other apps.
I should make perfectly clear, this is all during times when mSecure has objected “FaceID attempts exceeded”. (For what it’s worth, during these times, often, I have held the iPhone in precisely the same position as I used moments ago to activate the iPhone’s lock screen using FaceID.)

Hi Albo,

This is a very strange issue, because there should be no timeout for the Face ID feature where it stops getting displayed in mSecure's Settings. I just tried having my wife unlock mSecure with her face, which doesn't work on my iPhone, and even though mSecure tells me the her face isn't recognized, it doesn't remove Face ID from the Settings after I open mSecure with my password. Are you saying that you see a message from Face ID saying "Face ID attempts exceeded"? If so, how many times do you attempt to unlock the app via Face ID before you see that message?

Also, when the Face ID toggle isn't available in mSecure's Settings, what do you see when you open the Settings app and then scroll down and tap "mSecure"? Does it show you that Face ID for mSecure is disabled?

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