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I don,t understand the response I received. I am not locked out. If I change my password will I be able to access my data stored.

Thank you for getting in contact with us, and I'm sorry for the delay in my response. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what's happening here. Are you saying you have forgotten your password but that you're not locked out of the app? If so, that's good news, and all you'll need to do is change your password after I find out how you're getting access to your data.

What message are you referring to? The only message telling you your data will be destroyed is if you try to reset your account, or you click the "Forgot Password" button, which will take you through the account reset process. In mSecure, if you have forgotten your password AND you cannot access the app, there is no way to retrieve the password. However, if you can access at least one mSecure app, presumably using biometrics, then you should be able to change the password without any effect on your data.

Are you able to unlock mSecure using your face or fingerprint? Also, if you try to enter your password to unlock mSecure instead of using your face or fingerprint, what happens?

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