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Password Reset

I have been using face recognition to log in to mSecure5. When trying to setup a new phone, mSecure is asking for the password which I have forgotten. I still have access to my mSecure account on another device. How do I reset the password without risking losing all of my data?

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Hi Bert,

Thank you for contacting us. If you have mSecure 5 or 6 on a different device, you'll need to change your password on that device before signing in to the app on a new phone. Go ahead and open mSecure on the other device, tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines), tap Settings, then tap Change Password in the Settings screen.

After changing your password, were you able to sign in to mSecure on your new phone?

I was able to recall my old password so changing it was not necessary. Thanks for your assistance.

No problem Bert, and it's great to hear you were able to remember your password! Take care.

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