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Issues changing to a new iPhone

I switched to the new iPhone 14 Pro  and have been unable to access ever since.  I have never had this issue before.


Here are some notes on what I can still do on my old phone:

  1. I can access it with my password
  2. I was able to email a current backup
  3. I found my original QR code email, etc
  4. I looked in iOS and it also shows the password I am using is correct.
  5. On the new phone, the password does not work and it keeps telling me it is locked for too many attempts and I need to wait for 20 minutes.  Even after 20 minutes it still does not work.  
  6. I have also tried another old password.
  7. Within the iOS password manager it shows the password that works on the old phone.  It makes no sense that it does not work on the new phone?  If I could get in, I could restore with the emailed backup.  
  8. I also have been backing the app up to iCloud all along, but in the app on my old phone syncing is disabled and it will not let me enable it.  Otherwise, I could enable it so the data would definitely be there?  Although, I never had to do this with previous phone upgrades.
  9. I even upgraded today on my old phone to premium hoping that would help me enable syncing.  But, it never upgraded my app--I canceled the upgrade.
  10. I have my QR code email, etc.
Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

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Hi Marcus,

I just saw your emails in our support system, so I'm going to start responding there, since I may need to start mentioning your email address, and some don't like that here in the forum.

Ok, I have responded there.  Thanks.

Hey Marcus, now that we're communicating via email, let's keep all correspondence there moving forward. Having messages come into both channels can cause confusion, so it's easiest to communicate just using email from here on out. You're in my queue, and I'm seeing your emails come in, so I'll be responding just as fast or faster than here in the forum. Also, your issue is almost resolved. We just need to figure out what's going on with your iCloud account. I'll talk to you via email.

I have moved to iphone 14 and my old phone said I have msecure5. I can not get it to work on iphone 14.

@James What happens when you try to set up mSecure on your new iPhone? If there are any error messages, what do they tell you? Also, I was not able to find an account searching with the email address you are using here in the forum. Can you let me know what email address you see in the Account Settings for mSecure?

I too have upgraded to a new iphone. I am moving from an iPhone SE2 to the iPhone SE3. Each phone has the latest iOS and mSecure software update. The problem is the data did not transfer to my new iphone. Any help or advice?

Hi Sara,

Thank you for contacting us. I checked your account, and I found out that it doesn't have a license on it, which could be the reason your data didn't transfer over to your new iPhone. If you were running mSecure 6 on your old phone, then the data won't be syncing to any type of cloud service, because syncing is a paid feature.

However, it could also be that you are running mSecure 4 on your older iPhone, and that would be a bit different. You would still need a license for mSecure 6 on your new iPhone, but since mSecure 4 is no longer live in the app store, that's the reason it didn't get installed on your new phone.

Real quick, do you still have your old iPhone, and if so, are you able to open mSecure and see your information? If you can, what version of mSecure is running on your old phone?

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