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New mSecure user

I am abandonning my present database provider because they do not meet my needs anymore in life.  I have installed mSecure on my two Windows 10 machines.  and added 5 test records.  The two machines communicate using my Windows 10 logon password and communication between them.  Right now I have not selected the premium presently showing 30 days remaining. But I do not want to continue my work above with my remaining records in from my present database supplier because I suspect that despite what I have done with my two Windows 10 PCs, you might ask me to pick a subscription plan which I really do not need now at my age in life.  This is my question.


Hi Rick,

I'm not sure what you mean here, but thank you for contacting us. As a new user, mSecure will give you 30 days to use all of the features at no cost, then after that trial period is over, the app will switch over to "free" or "non-subscriber" mode. Currently, in that mode, you can use the app to view, edit and enter new information. However, since syncing and backup/restore are paid features, your data will only be stored on one device, and if something goes wrong, there is little that can be done to retrieve your information.

Also, it does need to be said that even though "non-subscriber" mode works as it does now, there may come a time when we no longer allow the adding and editing of data beyond a certain number of records. We don't have active plans to do that anytime soon, but it is a possibility.

We have a sale coming up this weekend, so my recommendation would be to purchase a year of Essentials service at a discounted cost. If it turns out to not be a service you want to keep using, you can simply cancel the renewal before the year is up.

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