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Transfer info from ios to android

I downloaded msecure on my new android phone and logged in, how do in get my data onto my new phone?

Hi Cody,

Thank you for contacting us. Were you using mSecure 6 on your iOS device? Also, do you still have access to your iOS device, and if so, are you able to open mSecure and view your information on that device?

I am using msecure 5 on my iPhone.I still have access and can open the app on iOS device.

Hi Cody,

Ok, since you have access to your data in mSecure on your iPhone, you should be able to change the sync feature to mSecure Cloud syncing, and then everything should work. However, you will need to upgrade to mSecure 6 on your iPhone first. Real quick, are you sure you are running mSecure 5 on your iPhone, because it's likely it upgraded to mSecure 6 automatically. Go ahead and open mSecure on your iPhone, tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines), then tap Settings. In Settings, tap About mSecure. What version does it say you're running?

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