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I have forgotten my password and need to select a new one

Hi Sue,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you're having with your password. Due to the security build into the app, we don't ever get access to more than the email address you use for your mSecure account, so there is no way to retrieve the password for you. I can help you get access to the account again, but that will require it to be reset first. If the account is reset, then all of the data currently stored in the app will be destroyed.

If you are trying to upgrade from an older version of mSecure, and you are still able to access the data stored in that version of the app, please let me know. As long as you have access to your information in any version of mSecure, you should be able to import that data into the newest version of mSecure. 

Do you have access to your data in any version of mSecure? If not, are you ok with resetting your account and starting from scratch?

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