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phone with msecure app is hacked.

Is passwords in msecure safe after the phone is hacked?

Hi Jens,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry to hear about what has happened to your phone. Real quick, I saw another post where you asked the same question, and I deleted that post. We'll keep all our correspondence here in this thread from here on out.

If your phone is hacked, that doesn't necessarily mean your data in mSecure has been or is open to compromise. However, I would need more information from you to make a better assessment of the situation. For example, if you think your mSecure account password is somewhere easily found on your device, then it's altogether possible the hackers already have access to your account. However, if your password is not easy to guess, and it's 10 characters or more, then it's likely your account will never be breeched.

That being said, in these types of situations, you need to take immediate action to secure your most sensitive online accounts. To do this, you should change the password for every financial institution to which you have an account. Make sure you sign in to every bank or credit card or financing company and change the password to that account as soon as possible. Even though it's unlikely your mSecure data was compromised, you should always AT LEAST change the passwords for every financial account immediately. After that, it's up to you which other accounts you change the password to, but it would be good to change the password for every online account you have.

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