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MSecure 5 Lifetime Mac Subscription -> MSecure 6.. What happens now?

I bought an MSecure 5 lifetime sub for Mac. To my knowledge, it is not the full "MSecure 5 Pro" license. It is only for Mac. I was told I could upgrade to MSecure 5 Pro for 14.99 (Ticket 30567) but at the time I only had one device at the time and didn't need most of the Pro features.

However, like others, I open the app one day to see it upgraded to MSecure 6, and I have a (anxiety producing) red countdown timer showing me I only have 30 days until my trial is over.. but I don't have a full MSecure 5 Pro license.

I reached out to support but got no assistance yet. I have 2 days left until the trial ends.

What happens to me? All my sensitive information is in this software and losing it would be very detrimental.

Hi Jay,

I responded to you via email earlier today, so we'll keep our correspondence in that one email thread from here on out.

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