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Data Transfer

How di i transfer data fro Dataviz Password Plus to mSecure

Hi Malik,

Thank you for contacting us, and welcome to mSecure! I'm not sure which platform you are using, but if you are on Windows, you'll tap the gear icon in the bottom left, tap "Backups" in the Settings, then scroll down to the "Import" section. You'll see an option to import from a Passwords Plus CSV file. For Mac, you'll find the option to import in the menu bar at the top left corner of your screen. After opening mSecure, click "File > Import > DataViz Passwords Plus CSV."

Were you able to get to your data imported?

Yes I got the data transferred to my MacBook. How do I back it up on mSecure or is it backed up and synced automatically. And will it remain in CSV  format on mSecure Cloud or does mSecure has its own database format.

Hi Malik,

It's great to hear you were able to get your information transferred over to mSecure. For the first 30 days, you will have access to all of the features in mSecure. However, after the trial has expired, you will need to sign up for either an Essentials or Premium account in order for syncing and backup features to continue working. Both of those features require at least an Essentials account. Were you planning on signing up for a subscription? Also, we always recommend having mSecure installed on more than one device, so if you have a computer or a different mobile device, I can help you get everything set up on that device as well.

How do I transfer data from Macbook air to Samsung Android.

Hi Malik,

All you should need to do is sign in to the same account in mSecure on your Android device. You have mSecure Cloud syncing set on your account, so your devices will sync automatically. Did you download mSecure on your Android device and sign in to your "" account?

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