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Workaround for sync problem in msecure 6

In  msecure 4 and 5 my sync environment was working (Mac, iPhone, WLAN based sync)

Workaround for msecure 6:

Open msecure 6 on both devices (in my case the Mac is msecure main computer, iPhone is msecure client).

Create or change an entry. As soon as the entry is complete, the sync is triggered.

Remark: in my case the active triggering was required when changes were done on the iPhone.

When changes were done on the Mac, the sync started as soon as msecure was  opened on the iPhone.


@Oliver I just wrote a very long reply in a different thread, but that was before I knew you were using Wi-Fi syncing. Wi-Fi syncing is different, and the way you describe it in your last remark is exactly the way it's designed to work. What you are suggesting is not a work-around. It's designed work exactly as you are describing it to work.

The reason it works the way it does is because the client doesn't get notified when a change is made on the server, but it's very easy for the client to initiate a sync with the server. However, the app was not designed to function in the way you are using it, because we don't know of a use case where both the server and the client need to be opened at the same time. The typical use case is that all mSecure apps are locked or closed, then you open one of them. You make a change and save it. Then when you open either the client and server, a sync will take place immediately.

Two typical use cases:

1) Client app is closed, and user is working in the server app on his desktop. After changes are made in the server app, user opens client app, and a sync takes place immediately.

2) Server is closed, and user is working in the client app on his phone. After changes are made on the phone, user opens the server app, and the sync takes place immediately.

In either case, a manual sync is not needed. If you decide that you want to use mSecure on both device simultaneously, and you need the sync to take place in less than a minute's time due to the auto-sync timer triggering the sync on the client, then if you make a change on the server, you will need to perform a manual sync in the client app. But again, that's not a work-around to a problem. It's simply the way the apps are designed to work.

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