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One Time Password does not work on Android

Hi Mike,

I was trying out the OTP feature for mSecure and managed to make it work by adding the OTP field in my Dropbox record and inputting the 26 alphanumeric characters from my Dropbox account.

On Windows, I was able to view the 6 digit authentication OTP with a countdown timer just to the right of it.  I also tested it to be working by logging out of Dropbox and logging in again with the 2FA turned on.

However, after I synced the record to Android, I can't seem to make it display the 6 digits and there is no timer.  It just shows the 26 alphanumeric characters - the same ones that I copied from Dropbox.  Is it supposed to be working, or is it only working for Windows and iOS at the moment?

Hi JSeow,

At this time, the OTP field for Android is not functional. It is now simply storing the 2FA data in the field so that when it's functionality is implemented, it will be functional when the release is installed.

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