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Security Center (Password Security) limited in Android

I have mSecure on Windows 11 and Android.  They are setup with Wi-Fi syncing.

I created a "work" tag on 17 (out of 300+) records.  At some point I noticed that Windows Security Center shows 200+ records.  However, Android Security Center only shows 13 records.

The 13 records that do display are all records that had the "work" tag.  Assuming the tag was causing a problem, I edited all 17 records to remove the tag.  Now I have no records with any tag.  The problem still persists, Android still only shows 13 records.

Hi Robert,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. This definitely wouldn't be caused by a tag getting added to a record, but that was definitely a good observation to see if it would fix the problem. I believe this is getting caused by how the different platforms determine a record gets flagged for security checks.

Real quick, can you open one of your records that isn't being displayed in the Security Center on Android but is on Windows, and tell me what template is being used for the record? On Android, you'll see this right under title for the record in the Details screen. Also, please list labels for the fields you see in the record (don't included data, of course). After I have this information, I'll try to see if I can figure out what's happening.

Mike, as requested:

Login (template)

Displayed Fields: Username, Password and Notes


Hi Robert,

Well, that's not what I was thinking you were going to show me. Wait, I think I know what's happening here. If you go to the Security Center in both mSecure apps, what numbers to you see at the top of the screen of each app?


If you mean the categories and the counts, I see:


77 weak passwords

0 duplicate passwords

149 old passwords


weak 5

duplicates 0

old 10

Hi Robert,

I'm just not sure what's happening here. I thought this might have had something to do with the modified date bug we know about, but it doesn't. With the numbers you are showing me here, I'm wondering if you have all your data in mSecure on your Android device.

Please open mSecure on your Android device, and tap the menu icon in the top left corner. At the top of the menu, what number do you see to the right of "All Items"? Also, open mSecure on your PC and look at the top of the left column. What number do you see to the right of "All Items"?

Android shows "All Items" 376

Windows shows "All Items" 376

Now the only thing I can think that is happening is somehow the fields in your Login records are not set up correctly only on your Android device. This would be the first time I've seen something like this, so it's highly unlikely, but I can't figure out why there is this discrepancy.

Before I have you look into the field setup for different records, I'm going to have you try something very simple first. Go ahead and open mSecure on your PC, and unlock the app. Next, open mSecure on your Android device, open the menu by tapping the menu icon in the top left, then tap the "Sync now" option to perform a manual sync. 

Did that have any effect on the problem?


I just did a manual sync.  Android still has the limited number of security center findings.  I even entered a new record to ensure syncing was working.

This is a very strange issue you have here @Robert. Everything is syncing, so it seems we can be sure the records match, which would also indicate the fields in your records are formatted correctly since the Security Center is showing the numbers it's showing.

If all of your data is up to date in mSecure on your PC, since I don't have any idea how this could be happening, the next thing we should do is try reinstalling mSecure on your Android device. Perhaps something in the database has gotten cached, and that number in the menu can't update. Can you delete the app from your Android device and then reinstall it from the Play Store?

After doing that and signing back into your account, does the number look right after the sync takes place?

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