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Ver hangs at start

Updated to version recently on my Windows 10 desktop system.

The mSecure app has an annoying habit of hanging for a few seconds on opening.

When I first open the app the Sync Icon is greyed out and the app is brain dead for about 10 seconds.

Also, when I click the search bar the sync icon is greyed out and the app  hangs for about 10 seconds,

Very annoying.

Help and suggestions appreciated.

Still freezing.

I did notice that while first starting there is no  number next to the Security Center. When a number does appear (I assume those are the items with bad passwords) the hanging stops. 

The log file, attached, has no entries.

Hi Hugh,

Thank you for downloading build 256. If the app is getting past the splash screen, you should be seeing logging in the log file. Did you create a new log file before you open the new 256 build, and did you wait for the app to get past the freezing before you attached the log file to your last post? The file not having any logging is very peculiar if you started with a fresh "mSecureLog.txt" file, opened the app, logged in, and then waited for the freezing to stop. Can you this one more time just for good measure, and then I will talk to our developer to see what's happening?

I took care this time:

Rebooted -> Turned off Avast AV-> Deleted an 'old' mSecureLog.txt -> Created a new mSecureLog.txt -> Opened mSecure -> it froze for about 5 seconds 

-> the sync icon did not spin this time and was active, i.e. not greyed out.

This time the log file was not empty and attached.

Hi Hugh,

Thank you again for your help with this issue. We finally think we know what's causing the issue, and we have a build that at least works around the problem. have you been able to download build by chance? If you can do that, it would be helpful for us to be able to confirm the fix we've implemented. After downloading it, you should be able to open it the first time without any problems, the 2nd time it's opened it will crash, and then after that, it should open without any problems moving forward.

Were you able to download the new beta build, and did it work as I described it would?

· Version had been updated already, maybe automatically by the Windows Store? 

· I went through your instructions but still there is freezing 

· Notice that through this entire process is that when the app first freezes the value next to “Security Center” is grayed out. After a few seconds, 10 or so, the value changes to a number. 

· After the above the cursor in the search window is frozen for a another few seconds.

Log attached

Hi Hugh,

The builds you have been receiving have been mostly focused on getting the freezing issue on the splash screen fixed, which I don't think you have ever experienced. This next build we release has to be published before we're going to be able to look further into the problem you are seeing where the app is not responsive after opening it. That will be something we have to address in later builds, as there are a few other users reporting the problem. The issue with the splash screen, however, is causing users to not have any access to the app, so it has to be handled first.

Please remain active here, so we can continue to work on the issue you're dealing with. I'm sure our developer will need more information to get this one figured out. 

Thanks for the update. 

I just talked more with our developer about what you're experiencing Hugh. From the logging, it's not obvious what's going wrong. Would you have time to go over this on a Google Meet or Zoom call? If I can see what's happening, that could be really helpful in figuring out the cause of the freezing.

I could do that. Probably Zoom, haven't used Google Meet. Will have to get back with a time. Today is not good. Tomorrow might work.

Hi Hugh,

Tomorrow works great for me. Let me know a good time and I'll set up the meeting. Google Meet is really easy as I just send you a link for the meeting, but Zoom works too...whichever is best for you. I'm in Virginia so Eastern Time Zone. I'll wait to hear back from you.

In preparation for the meeting I made a screen recording of the app in the startup. 

To avoid listing the titles of the records I removed all 1170 records from the app.

When I did that the app opened almost instantaneously with no delay or freezing.

I can only assume that the issue is with my database of  11760 records. Maybe too large?

While 1170 records is a lot of records compared to most databases, it's not too much. It might be there is more of a delay time after opening the app than when I do so with my close to 300 records, but I'm hoping it won't need to be 15-30 seconds. Hopefully, I can help the developer with knowing what to do next after we have our meeting.

Are you still up for that tomorrow?

Yes! I'll let you know tomorrow morning. Might be in the afternoon.

Is 3PM PST today OK?

3PM PST will work. I'll set a reminder now. Here's the link I use for Google Meet:

I'm pretty sure that will work in any browser, but Chrome would be best. If that's no good, let me know, and I'll set up a Zoom meeting instead.

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