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Ver hangs at start

Updated to version recently on my Windows 10 desktop system.

The mSecure app has an annoying habit of hanging for a few seconds on opening.

When I first open the app the Sync Icon is greyed out and the app is brain dead for about 10 seconds.

Also, when I click the search bar the sync icon is greyed out and the app  hangs for about 10 seconds,

Very annoying.

Help and suggestions appreciated.

Hi Hugh,

I was confused for a moment as to why you had 6.0.251, but then I realized you were a beta tester. We didn't update the beta build with 6.0.252, but I just did that now.

Please open Store app, or close it first it it's already open, and then open it again. After you have opened it, click the Library button near the bottom of the thin left column, then click "Get updates" in the top right.

Were you able to download 6.0.252, and if so, is the freezing issue fixed?

Thanks for the reply.

I tried a couple of times but it is still at

Should I uninstall and reinstall?

Hi Hugh,

It turns out the update I created needs to be certified by Microsoft. It's in that process now, but it hasn't yet been published by them, so you'll probably need to wait at least an hour or two before it will become available. Sorry I didn't notice that before.

Thanks, I'll wait a while to update.

I did complete the update to ver

The update seems to run smother but it still hangs for about 10 seconds before operational.

Hi Hugh,

Do you mean you upgraded to, or Also, when you say it hangs for about 10 seconds, can you let me know where exactly that's happening? Does it happen just after you type in your password, or is it before you type it in?

Took a screen shot of the start of ver attached. 

The sync icon is greyed out and while it is the app hangs and doesn't allow any input like a mouse click.

602500.pdf 602500.pdf
43.6 KB

Ooops, I mean ver

Here's the process:

Click on icon in the task bar to open app

The logion screen, "Windows Security Making Sure it's you" + PIN comes up

Enter the PIN

The mSecure screen comes up showing the left menu items and the All Items active.

This is where it hangs for the 10 seconds.

Thank you for the extra information Hugh. Would you be able to get us some logging from the app after it goes through the full process of opening, hanging and then running normally?

If you're willing to do that, please follow the steps below.

  1. Close mSecure
  2. Copy and paste this text into the Taskbar's Search field just to the right of the Windows button: %userprofile%\appdata\local\packages\mSevenSoftware.mSecure10
  3. After pasting in the text, click on the folder option that should appear
  4. Open the LocalState folder
  5. Right-click anywhere in the empty portion of the folder, hover over "New" then click "Text Document"
  6. Name the file, "mSecureLog.txt" (make sure there is only one ".txt" at the end of the name of the file)

Now, go ahead and open mSecure and let it go through the process of hanging and then starting to run normally again. After that happens, send me the "mSecureLog.txt" file. Note that the log file is overwritten after each crash, so if you are trying to send multiple crash logs, you will need to create a new "mSecureLog.txt" file each time you trigger the issue.

Mike, thanks for that.

I went through the process you mentioned and hopefully I did it correctly.

Hi Hugh,

Thank you very much for helping us get to the bottom of what's causing this to happen. We may have made some progress after hearing back from other customers, so I'm going to have you download the new build we have. Today we uploaded the build for beta testers, so you should have access to it now. Can you check to see if it's updated on your PC, and if not, go to the Store app and get new updates? Once you have the new build, are you still seeing the hanging issue?

I checked and the app had been updated to

I went to the Store and did the app update to be sure.

Anyway, the issue has not stopped. In fact I think the freezing is taking longer, maybe up to 15 seconds.

I just opened ver 6 and this time the sync icon is rotating while the app is frozen. After the icon stops the app is still frozen for another few seconds.

Hopefully this will help the beta test process.

Did the log again, attached.

Thank you very much Hugh. We just published a new logging build - - and you should have access to it now. If you do, can you try downloading the new build and see if works? If it still freezes up on the splash screen, a new log file would be great. You may not see any data in the file, but that still tells us something =)

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