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Correct My Email Address

My email address for all of my communications is Somehow mSecure has switched to which I don’t use. I attempted to change my account back to but I am unable to because it says this account already exists. Can you assist me in correcting my account. Thank you.

Hi Hellen,

Thank you for contacting us about this, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what's happening here, but it sounds like you are trying to create an account rather than signing in to an existing account. This is something many of our German customers have run into because the Sign In and Sign Up buttons on Android mixed up. Are you by any chance running your device in the German language? If you are, can you try tapping the other button when trying to sign in to your "" account?

If you are not running your device with the German language, can you let me know why you think mSecure has switched your username to ""? I checked for an account using that email address, but I couldn't find one.

Hi Mike, When I go to mSecure to access my passwords at the top of this screen it says account and it has never showed this email before and when I do a backup when instructed on the Cloud the email has always been sent That is why I am thinking that it was changed. Thank you for your assistance. Hellen Baker-Smith

Thank you for the screenshot Hellen. It looks like the 13 is 2013, which helped me find your account. You actually have two accounts in our system. One has the email address "" and it was created back on March 31st of 2018. The other account has the email address "" and was created back on June 19th of 2021. You can use either of those accounts, but you will need to choose one or the other. After you choose one, I can rename the other, then you can reset the app on whichever device is needed to sign in to the correct account.

Thanks Mike for your response. Please tell me the process to follow to how to choose the account I want to use, and how we communicate that you have renamed the account I do not use and how to reset the app? I appreciate your further help as I don’t want to loose my information as it would be devastating for me, thank you again, Hellen.

Hi Hellen,

To clarify, we don't change the usernames of accounts unless that's asked for first, and neither does the mSecure app. Also, we don't create accounts for customers, so the only way you have two accounts is if you created them when setting up the mSecure app. It's also possible to create an account when making a purchase on our website. At any rate, we'll get everything working as it should.

What I need first is to know which device has all your data totally up to date. After you determine that, I need you to go in to the Account Settings for mSecure on that device and tell me which email address you see. If it's a phone or tablet, then you'll open mSecure, tap the menu icon in the top left, tap Settings, and then tap Account Settings. You'll see the email address for the account in that screen.

Good morning Mike , I have gone to mSecure click on Settings and then Account Setting it shows my Username is as you instructed. Both my IPad and IPhone has the same username .Thank you for your help. Hellen Baker-Smith

No problem at all Hellen! Please let us know should you need further assistance.

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