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Refund Request. Paddle Receipt: #32207193

"In a previous post, I let everyone know that if you wanted to get a refund, to please let me know. If you are someone who wants a refund, please start a new discussion in the forum asking for a refund. I will respond as soon as possible and either process it myself or help point in the direction needed otherwise. Real quick, the only two stores I can process refunds for are Google Play and Paddle, which is the online seller we use for our website. If the subscription was made from inside the iOS, Mac or Windows app, the refund has to be requested from that particular app store, because they don't give 3rd party developers to ability to process refunds."

I would like a refund.

Paddle Receipt: #32207193

Refund to same card that was used.



Hi Alice,

Thank you for contacting us. I checked your purchase, and it was made back on January 1 of this year. Our refund policy is 60 days, so I need to find out what's the cause behind the refund request? Did something happen recently that I can help you with? If it has something to with the v6 update and you think you have to sign up for a subscription, you don't have to do that, and you still have access to all of the features (and more) that you had in v5.

I thought I would be able to use mSecure 5 a bit longer than a month or two.   I did not want to pay a subscription and never envisioned that I would need to since you advertised your product as a pay once product.  I just signed in one day and discovered that my computer had thew new v6 already installed.

I tried to export my passwords but none of the other password services can read the v6 database...  So I had to manually type in all my passwords into another service.   You did not give me the chance to back up  my v5 database.

I can't trust your company if your just upgrade to a major version without letting us backup our data first.

I can see the future where your going to require a subscription and I just rather get out now instead of waiting for 3 years subscription requirement.

You made it sound if anyone did not like v6 that bought v5 you would refund their money, but now I see that does not matter to you.

I am going to file a formal complaint with Paddle, that you bait and switched me and refusing a refund because of it.

You should have said if anyone wanted a refund and your within 59 days, to start a new topic and ask for a refund instead.

I asked for a refund because of v6 subscription model, that's not what I bought.

Hi Alice,

Why is it that you think you need to sign up for a subscription? You don't have to do that in v6 if you have a v5 license. If you look at your Account Settings, it tells you have an Essentials account and that you're in a Premium trial. This means that you have access to the Premium features for a small amount of time, and then when that trial ends, since you have an Essentials account, you have access to the Essentials features. Those features include all of the features in v5, so you don't lose anything, and you don't have to sign up for a subscription. Does that make sense?

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