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Request for a Refund.

"In a previous post, I let everyone know that if you wanted to get a refund, to please let me know. If you are someone who wants a refund, please start a new discussion in the forum asking for a refund. I will respond as soon as possible and either process it myself or help point in the direction needed otherwise. Real quick, the only two stores I can process refunds for are Google Play and Paddle, which is the online seller we use for our website. If the subscription was made from inside the iOS, Mac or Windows app, the refund has to be requested from that particular app store, because they don't give 3rd party developers to ability to process refunds." 

I would like to request a refund

Paddle Receipt: #32201926



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Hi Anne,

I was able to find your purchase in our system, but it is around 95 days old. Our typical refund policy is 60 days. Can you let me know what the reasoning is for you wanting to get a refund? I would have thought that if you weren't satisfied with the app, you would have known by now, so did something go wrong in the upgrade to mSecure 6?

Well, finally I have found something written about obtaining a refund due to the confusion of wrongly buying a version 6 whilst having paid previously for v5 Pro.  Bought from Apple Store so I completed an application for a refund there and I receive a message from Apple stating "You do not have any purchases that match the option you have selected"  I really now feel I have been conned as where do I go now?  As I have said before if I am stuck with recently paying for one year I certainly do not want to auto renew next time.  I seem to remember something about asking you not to auto renew but how is this achieved. Please allow me to just have the Essentials version.  All this is becoming just too much hassle.

Hi Bob,

When you posted in the other thread talking about wanting a refund, I answered you shortly asking you to let me know if you wanted a refund. Since this is the first time I have seen you post something about having problems, I was not able to point you to the place you need to request the refund if you didn't purchase it from our site. Since we're not able to process refunds purchased from Apple, you have to go through the process you have found. They should process the refund shortly if they haven't already.

This, however, won't help Anne, because she didn't purchase from inside the app. She purchased it from our website where I can process refunds.

Hi Mike

I made the purchase via the Apple App Store on my MacBook.  I turns out that my earlier attempt above to get a refund was rejected by Apple because I was erroneously attempting to get the refund using my iPad App Store. This explains why I received an error from them. So, in trying again on the MacBook App Store it seems that they do not show the option "Report a Problem", where the request for a refund shown - it's missing from the bottom of the page completely.   This is really getting too arduous for me to bother about a refund.  I have now been able to cancel my subscription due March 2023. Please clarify what will happen at that point.  I assume i will still have a fully working "Essentials" version of v6.

Hi Bob,

I don't know exactly what happened here, but as long as your iOS and Mac devices are signed in to the same Apple ID, the purchase should show up if you try to request the refund from anywhere it's offered. I typically point people to their website where you can report a problem. It's the same system anywhere you find it, though, so unless you were reporting the problem while signed in to a different Apple ID than you are using on your Mac, they should have been able to see the purchase.

I know you said it was getting to arduous to continue trying, but if you decide to, I'll try to help in any way I can. 

In answer to your other question, after your Premium subscription expires, since you have an Essentials account now, you will have access to the Essentials features.

@Mike  Thanks for your reply.  I have just had another look and to confirm all devices (iPad, iPhone & MBP) use the same account and have from the start of using Apple products.  When I go into the App Store on both the iPhone and MBP it shows against the mSecure product "OPEN" which to me suggests they know it has been downloaded. The App Store on the MBP doesn't even give an option to report a problem and request a refund using the option "I didn't mean to purchase this item".  Using the iPhone App Store it gives the above options but as you have seen I get an error stating it hasn't been purchased.  

I added a comment to an outstanding ticket today as I wrote to Apple asking for a refund but I am not sure if and when I will get a response,

Thank you for confirming what will happen next year and I am pleased that I will still have the Essentials App.   Regards

Hi Anne,

I was able to find your purchase in our system, but it is around 95 days old. Our typical refund policy is 60 days. Can you let me know what the reasoning is for you wanting to get a refund? I would have thought that if you weren't satisfied with the app, you would have known by now, so did something go wrong in the upgrade to mSecure 6?

I bought the v5 not the v6.  V6 has so many issues I just uninstalled  it..  I am very mad about this and now it seems your were not genuine about your offer for a refund unless it was bought within 60 days.  I let you know I wanted a refund I done my part.

I am glad I got now.   Keep the money and choke on it.

It seems my last reply was removed.  I asked for a refund and your denied me.

You are a liar and a thief.  You promised a one time payment then put me on a subscription model track.  I am very surprised about how ignorant you are why people don't appreciate you uninstalling and installing different software on their computers.  I don't want to be customer of software developers who are idiots.

Hi Anne,

I'm not sure what you mean here when you call us a liar and a thief. We haven't put you on a subscription plan. You have a v6 Essentials account just like we said you would have. You haven't lost any features in the upgrade to v6. Can you explain why you think we lied to you and stole from you?

1.   First you removed my long response to your question.

2.  I bought v5 then 2 months later you removed that version from my computer.

3.  You said anyone wanting a refund should ask for it by starting a new topic, then you pulled some 60 days crap.  When you uninstalled v5 from my computer without asking or allowing me to back up my data.

I feel bait and switched.  And you seem clueless about why people are upset.

Are you really this clueless??

Just approve the Puddle Refund request it's obvious that I am not happy with the v6 and the way it was auto installed with the user's permission to another major version.  I really do think your clueless about how you auto upgrade your users is not right.   I am already burned by your actions and don't want anything to do with mSecure anymore.   I did receive your emails but none of them said you were going to uninstall v5 and now allow me to backup my data.  By the sound of the emails, you were not sure when it would roll out...   I was shocked to see v6 installed without my permission. In fact I felt betrayed...  Small updates are ok, but Major Versions? No way!

I have moved on to another Password Software Manager that does not auto install major versions of their software without my permission.

I just wanted to add that although I erroneously paid a subscription for the Premium v6 using Apple I have now received a full refund from them which could either mean I have a Premium version for 11 more months or an Essential version which is equal to the original v5 Pro (Paid) edition.  Although I was rather upset about being misled by the Flash message on the update all is now well  and I am happy that it has all been resolved. Apple issue updates regularly and I see a red number on the App Store icon.  Lots of these are minor bug fixes and I have a habit of just clicking on "update all"  hence the mSecure got updated by that route and it wasn't until I went to use it that I found I had version 6 and that flash message.  I don't think mSecure had any other way of dealing with this update at least on the Apple systems.

I would like to add that I have now received a refund from Apple after an initial struggle.  I am not sure how this leaves me with regards to what version I now have.  I will either have the Premium version for the next 11 months or a permanent Essentials version of v 6.0.2 having initially purchased a version 5 pro. Apple send out lots of App bug fixes and I have a habit of just clicking on the “update all” button which means that I don’t necessarily see what has updated.  My first indication was seeing the infamous flash screen which I misinterpreted and paid the subscription.  Yes, the whole scenario could perhaps have been handled differently and I am sure mSecure now regret some of their actions in the update process..

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