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Congratulations! mSecure 6 is brilliant!

Congratulations on the arrival of version 6. It is everything that I've been hoping -- and sometimes asking --for; including the subscription model. I've been a user and booster fan of mSecure going back to at least version 3 on my gen-1 iPod Touch. 

Depending on mSecure, as I do, I'm delighted to see -- and join -- the subscription model to support mSecure into the future.

Thanks for a great, and very thoughtful product!

I agree....I subscribed to the "premium" version and am looking forward to new features the developers may come up with. That I can use this seamlessly on my pc, macbook, ipad and iphone is a real game-changer for me!

Thank you both very much for your support and encouraging words! As you have seen in the forum, I'm sure, everyone is not quite so happy about the direct upgrade path, so it's very nice to hear positivity in the midst of all the other feedback! Thank you both for being such great customers!!

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