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Corrupted modified dates (again) after update to mSecure 6

The transition to mSecure 6 has not went well for me.  I lost the vast majority of all of my groups and had to fix that problem based on solutions provided to others.  But, I also now have 26 records out of 374 that have "last modified dates" way out in the future.  This prevents me from being able to update these records while syncing is turned on.   I had this issue several years ago and am very discouraged that it has shown up again after this update.  Please provide a solution to correct this problem.  

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Ahh so it's not just me then! I had this problem ages ago, and thought I must have missed some when I went through all their steps to fix them all. But it seems like it's just come back. I'm even using their own syncing service not DropBox this time. It's rather annoying.

Hi Angie and Anthony,

I'm sorry for the issue you are dealing with here. Right now, I can't say if this problem is getting caused by the Android version or not, but you might be able to help. Are you saying that only the modified dates are getting set to the future in the Android version, or is it happening on a different platform as well? If you are using mSecure on other platforms, can you let me know which ones you are using? 

I have Windows and Android version. 

  1. I found a record with a sensible modified date and added a field and value to it. 
  2. Let it sync, then I open the Android version and indeed could see the new field/value.  
  3. Then I tried deleting the field in Android. At this point the modified date of the record is still sensible.
  4. Now I go to the Windows app and try to sync the now deleted field but it is never deleted (rather that record is never updated I suspect.) Android says Modified at 5:23:39 PM and Windows says 5:22:49 PM. 
  5. I've exited Windows app and let it sync upon open and it still hasn't updated the record.
  6. I've exited Android app and resynced it and same.  Android doesn't show the record (because I deleted it), but Windows app does. Both modified dates never update.
  7. I just tried adding a Tag to it on Android app and that synced down to the Windows app, and finally the modified dates are matching and the test field I added is gone in Windows app too.

If I modify a record a login record with a bad future modified date, on Windows it looks like it updates, but then upon re-sync it isn't updated (suspect the server throws it away like you said before).
On the phone, it says saving modified record, but then immediately throws it away as if nothing happened.

On Android I can delete a corrupted modified date record and (despite Android app saying it's permanent) it goes into the Deleted Items area on the Windows app (still with the bad modified date though). Actually I try again and the date is fixed when I look in Deleted Items. Now it will sync this record OK, I tried adding a tag in Windows and it showed up on the phone.

If I delete a corrupted date record in Windows app, it just keeps coming back.

Very fascinating. 

And an aside: Because Recents in Windows is based on Modified date but on Android is based on last used date, I can't easily just go one by one delete on Android, restore on Windows because I'd need to search each one manually on the phone. I'd take a backup first before doing that on any record that are important. (I have a lot of old ones that I know I don't use anymore, so I experimented with them.

@Anthony Thank you very much for the extra information on this. I just went over both of the issues you reported with our developer, and he's working on them right now. From what we can tell, I don't think this issue is related to the previous problem with the corrupted modified dates that both you and @Angie dealt with before. When that bug was alive, the dates were sometimes thousands of years in the future, but if all of the records causing sync issues are only within a minute or so out of sync with the Windows modified dates, I'm pretty sure we're dealing with a different bug. Can you check more of your records that you're seeing the modified date problem and let me know what the difference is in time between Android and Windows? It would be great if you could check all of the records, but I know that might be a lot. Whatever you can give me would be much appreciated!

Also, the developer is looking into the issue you mentioned last where the recents are getting sorted differently on Windows and Android. I'll have more for you throughout the day as we work on these fixes.

OK, I'll pick some:

Pocket: on Windows app last modified date 18/03/2022 9:10:59 PM on Android 28 Mar 2022 4:19:49 PM

PocketCasts: Windows mSecure 18/03/2022 9:10:59 PM ; Android mSecure: 21 Mar 2022 10:41:34 am - I just added a tag on Windows app and they synced and both have the same modified time now.

A login called Red Bubble has the same last modified date on Windows and Android 18/03/2022 9:10:59 PM. I added a tag on Android and both synced up OK.

I think they are all 18/03/2022 9:10:59 PM last modified date on Windows (and Android but that's harder to check because of the UI), except the ones with 1000s of years future dates, or the ones that have been modified correctly in the meantime. Actually there are a couple with modifed dates around 2027 or 2026. But IIRC the Windows and Android mSecure both have the same dates.

While I've been looking at it, Windows mSecure keeps showing "56 Records Updated", but I know I haven't actually changed that many. One or two as I mentioned I think.

Thank you very much @Anthony! It turns out there are two different bugs going on here. One of them had to do with the time/date stamp getting created incorrectly due to locale settings. That issue should now be fixed, though we haven't been able to submit that build yet to the Microsoft Store. We want to submit it either tomorrow or the next day, so hopefully it will be publically available by around Wednesday of next week.

I have confirmed that the Android bug where modified dates are sometimes 1,000s of years in the future has resurfaced, unfortunately. Our developer is working on a new Android build that will log information needed for us determining when the modified date gets corrupted. That has been the biggest problem with this bug. We don't know when the corruption even happens, and so there is no way to totally confirm the issue if fixed, and, obviously, what we have done so far has not fixed the problem. Now in v6 we have better tools for debugging these types of problems, so I'm hopeful we'll get the information we need to fix the problem in the next build we publish.

Do you want some steps for working around the issue in the meantime Anthony, or are you simply updating records on the device you know will fix up the modified dates?

My corrupted modified dates are occurring on my Android phone and in the Windows app on my laptop.  I checked  a few of the problem entries and they had the same bad dates between the two platforms.  The dates are thousands of years in the future.

Thanks Mike! If you have steps to work around the issue that would be great thanks. I'm unsure now if I can update the records on a certain device to fix the record, it didn't work once yesterday (the method I described above), so if you have a work around I'll keep it mind.


@Angie @Anthony I have some good news about the bug you're dealing with here. We have a solution that will fix the issue on our end. We still haven't found the actual cause of the corruption, but we do think we can patch the problem so that customers will no longer be affected by it. The release won't be available at least until tomorrow or over the weekend, so if you do want a work-around, we can talk about that. However, it can be a tedious process, so I would advise waiting for the next release. What do you both think?

That's good news you have a server-side fix.  And with more logging in the next release, that will help. Will we need to send you the logs?

I'm happy to wait, personally. I have enough going on in real life haha.

I'm also happy to wait.  Thanks!

Thank you both for your patience, and I'm sorry you're having to deal with any of this at all. If you get the new release, which will be and you still have problems with the syncing, please let me know as soon as possible.

I have waited several weeks, but I am still having the same issue with corrupted modified dates.  My mobile is on version and my desktop is on version 

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