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V6 Essentials account?

My mSecure software updated to V6 today.  I see that it gave me a 30 Essentials account trial.  I can't figure out if I will need to subscribe to Essentials to keep WiFi synching.    

I have a paid license and have been synching via WiFi for a few years.  Do I now need to pay for an Essentials license to keep that feature?

The line below that says...Days remain in Premium trial

So pretty sure that it means that you have the Essentials account andthat you have "30 Days remain in Premium trial"

Gives you a chance to test out some of the Premium features :)

@Daniel As @Noella mentioned, the app shows you that you have an Essentials account, and that the Premium trial is active. This means you have an Essentials account but for a limited time, you also have access to the Premium features in mSecure. An Essentials account gives you access to all of the features in v5 (and more), so even after the Premium trial ends, you'll have still have access to Essentials features.

To answer your specific question, since you have an Essentials account, you don't have to pay for Wi-Fi or any other type of syncing in v6.

Thank you.  That clears it up for me.

No problem at all Daniel. Let me know if you need further assistance.

Aku mau akun dani

@Huda Saya menggunakan Google Terjemahan, jadi saya tidak yakin saya mendapatkan terjemahan yang bagus untuk postingan Anda. Bisakah Anda menjelaskan lebih detail apa yang Anda tanyakan? Saya seharusnya dapat membantu, namun saya harus memastikan bahwa saya memahami apa yang Anda perlukan terlebih dahulu.


@Huda I am using Google Translate, so I am not sure I got a good translation of your post. Can you explain in more detail what you are asking? I should be able to help, but I need to be sure I understand what you need first.

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