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How to disable m6 Premium Trial features?

 For those of us mSecure 5 users who are not interested in the m6 Premium features, how do we disable the trial and revert to "Essentials", so that

(a) we can avoid accidentally using any Premium features that will then disappear, and

(b) we can control when to make that change so it's less disruptive that than the initial rollout of 6.


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Hi Graham,

There is no way to disable the Premium features, but nothing will be lost when the trial ends if you are using the Premium features. For the Sharing Center, if you were to share data between accounts, the shared data will remain in that state unless you choose to change it. An Essentials account will be able to remove features from the Sharing Center.

The Email Picker just won't work any longer, much like the Reordering of record fields. For records fields, what ever oder they are in after the trial is the order they will stay in after the trial expires.

Any PDF & Text attachments you add to your records will remain attached, and you'll still be able to view them.

The iOS Filter bar will simply stay in the state it's in when the trial expires. 

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