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Android version broken

My Android version unfortunately got upgraded to version 6.  Now it shows that my account type is v5 paid trail - 30 days remaining...I PAID for version 5. I don't want the trial, I just want my version 5 features working.   Also, my scrollbar just shows "login" instead of the letter of the section I am scrolled to.  I am logging in, why is it doing this???

Thank you for contacting us about mSecure 6! I'm not sure if you saw our explanation of how the new business model will work at the bottom of the pre-ship email you received, but if you have purchased an mSecure 5 license, you won't have to sign up for a subscription unless you need one or more of the features offered in the Premium subscription tier. This means you won't lose any functionality when mSecure 6 is released, as you will get access to the Essentials subscription at no cost. Regardless of any confusing messaging you may see in mSecure, if you have paid for an mSecure 5 license, you have an mSecure 6 Essentials account.

I don't know what you mean when you say your scrollbar only shows "login." Are you saying that you only see Login type records on the main view?

Normally when you grab the scroll thumb and drag is will show you where you are in the list 'a'' for the items that start with 'a', all the way to 'z' for those items in the list that start with 'z', but now no matter where you are in the list it displays 'login'.

@Ken I believe this is happening because you are sorting by Templates, and you may also have a filter applied that is only showing your Login type records. Open the app, tap the menu button in the top left, then tap "All Records" or "All Items" at the top of the list. Next, scroll down in the menu and find the "Sort by" option. Tap that, and make sure it's set to "Sort by Name." Did that fix the issue?

That worked.

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