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windows version 6 font size

 Hello. Just installed Msecure 6. Noticed that the font size for the windows version is quite a bit smaller than before. I have not changed anything at the system level. Any way to change the font size for the windows version?

I believe you can adjust the font size in windows by using the "accessibility" text size adjustment under windows settings.  That worked for me.

@Noella Thank you very much for popping in here to help!

@Mark Did @Noella's advice help?

Not really. I don't really want to change the font for all windows programs. I was hoping that you could change the font just for msecure. 

@Mark You can't change the font size only for mSecure. However, if you were using mSecure 5, I'm not sure why you would want to change the font size. It's the same size as it was in v6. Can you describe where are you seeing the font size as smaller, because it was not made smaller throughout the app for the new release.

Thanks for the question Mike. First of all, although the text is smaller than V5, it is still useable. 

Here is my thinking, which may not be correct. I have a very high resolution monitor so text can be small in certain apps if you cannot change the size independent of the system settings. Is it possible that V5 had fixed text size but "was not" tied to the system font setting....but V6 is tied to the system font setting in appearance and therefore with my very high resolution monitor is showing up a few font size smaller than before? Someone with a regular HD monitor (1080p) would likely not have this experience).

In any case, it is definitely smaller, especially when you look at the details of an individual record.

If I still have V5 I could do a screen shot of the two side by side to show the difference.

Hmmm. I thought I would try to change the font size under the W11 appearance settings and increased it from 100% to 106%. I was afraid that it would increase all my applications to a size I would not like. Actually, this was not the case. Msecure V6 immediately went up in size a bit, but the rest of the apps on screen seemed to basically stay the same. So, thanks for the suggestion Noella, it really did work for me!

Appreciate this forum and msecure. I had actually contacted msecure and asked how they were going to survive long term (since I loved the program so much) and suggested that a small yearly subscription would make sense to me. I am glad they did it and am happy to pay my $15 a year to make sure this wonderful program remains in service. 

@Mark That's great news the increase in font worked. Also, I think you may be onto something with your analysis of the font sizes. I'm not sure yet, but thank you for writing that all out, because I don't know how long it would have taken for it to dawn on me/us there might be a fixed font size setting that could cause what people are seeing with the smaller font sizes. I'm going to send your response to our developer to see if what you're saying is possible. You just did my job for me!!

Also, I appreciate your feedback about the subscriptions! As you might guess, we don't get that type of perspective articulated to us very often =)  I think there are a lot of our users that feel the same way, which is born out by how the subscriptions are selling. Many are signing up, which is very good, of course. It just seems like most users who understand or would even like to support the process aren't very vocal about it. As I'm sure you have seen, those who are opposed are PLENTY vocal. Anyhow, it is a breath of fresh air to get an encouraging word or two throughout the day, so thank you!

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