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Missing selection options for sync, backup, and restore in the settings of mSecure 6

Concerned mSecure 6 Premium

I Use mSecure 6 Premium on my Android Handy Galaxy A22 (Android 11)

In section "settings"

at the bottom you only find:
the choices for Sync, backup, and restore
(in blue letters)
without any choice to choose individual options for Sync, backup, and restore.

See the attached file "mSecure Settings.jpg" and here the red arrow!

I suppose this may be bug.


By the way: In the desktop version all possibilities:


Place for automatic backups

 Restore from directory 

Synchronization method

and so on

are available. 


Hi Uwe,

Thank you for contacting us. Are you not able to scroll down in the Settings screen to the options listed under the blue letters you pointe out? The Settings screen is too long to fit on the screen, so it's supposed to be a scrollable screen.

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