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Missing selection options for sync, backup, and restore in the settings of mSecure 6

Concerned mSecure 6 Premium

I Use mSecure 6 Premium on my Android Handy Galaxy A22 (Android 11)

In section "settings"

at the bottom you only find:
the choices for Sync, backup, and restore
(in blue letters)
without any choice to choose individual options for Sync, backup, and restore.

See the attached file "mSecure Settings.jpg" and here the red arrow!

I suppose this may be bug.


By the way: In the desktop version all possibilities:


Place for automatic backups

 Restore from directory 

Synchronization method

and so on

are available. 


Uwe - Can you try to swipe your screen up?  The options you require should appear immediately below the blue letters, at least they do on mine.

@JSeow Thank your for your help on this one!

@Uwe As @JSeow mentioned, the Settings screen is scrollable. All the Settings information can't fit all in the phone's viewable area, so you should be able to see the other options if you scroll down.

 On my two Android Galaxy Phones it is definitely not possible to scroll down to the individual options of sync, backup and restore as in the app of version 5.

See the attached jpg-file! It is a screenshot of the msecure app version 5 and it shows  the bottom of the settings  of the app version 5.

The scroll down stops exactly where the blue line (sync, backup and restore) appears. 


In the meantime I have:

1. uninstalled and reinstalled the app of version 6;

2. installed the app of version 6 on an Android Sony Xperia Z3 to check out, whether the problem is related to Galaxy or the kind of display. 


Both attempts led to no different result.

Each time the different options are not available by scrolling down - on all the three phones.

In the app of version 5 there hasn't been any problems on all my three phones. All options were visible.

So I suspect it might be a problem with the new app.

 File may not have been attached

Uwe - it is definitely a bug on the German version of mSecure 6.  Nothing to do with your phone.  It was reported by another user as well.  At this point the only option is to wait for the next update or try to load the English version. 

@Uwe In the new version of mSecure in the Play Store, you should have no problems scrolling in mSecure's Settings. Late last week we discovered this was a bug for both German and Spanish users, and after we found it, the bug was fixed and a new version published. Please make sure you have upgraded to, and the issues should be resolved.

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