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version 6 issues

I've like your product, but you kind of blew it on this supposed rollout. Smells of outsourcing.

 Version 6 updated automatically to my PC.   It says I am on a 30 day premium trial. Never mind  that I have been on pro 5 for a long time. As in syncing across 3 or 4 devices flawlessly for a one time fee.  As in the main reason why I bought this package way back when.  Look up my history.  More importantly the latest version is not available in the Google play store yet.




1.  When will 6 be on the Google play store.

2. Am I going to be forced to pay SUBSCRIPTION  even though  I only require an "Essentials" tier. As in I like things as they are.

Please inform for decision purposes. As in keep or dump your product.

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 This is extremely bad style - you're making your customers angry: Why on earth do you stop synchronization with mobile devices before V6 is ready and available for mobile/Android devices? If you want to sell Msecure licenses, then this isn't advertisement - quite to the contrary: You're driving away prospective and even old customers. Please - get this fixed presto!!!

mSecure 5.5 won't even launch on my win10pro laptop this morning. It is connected to the internet. Launches fine on my second laptop that is not online.

Sounds like an automatic upgrade fail?

@Fxpiano mSecure 6 isn't outsourced. For most, the upgrade is going very well, but some are running into some issues. We always work and hope for a perfect release for every one of our customers, but something usually happens that we have to react to. It is regrettable, but we will work through it.

You should have no problems syncing, so we just need to figure out what the problem is, and I'll need very clear information from you. What do you mean when you say you have no sync? That could mean a few things. What type of syncing do you use? What happens when you try to sync or set up syncing? Are you seeing any errors?

The Android app is getting rolled out gradually throughout the week. It's currently at 50% and those users are selected by random by Google Play. As we have said repeatedly over and over in our pre ship email, in many different pages on our site, and all over the place here in the forum, if you have an mSecure 5 license, you won't have to sign up for a subscription. You get an Essentials account at no cost, and that license has all of the functionality that was available in mSecure 5.

@Timo The Android app is rolled out gradually. We're not doing anything to make our customers angry. The v5 app is functional even if you have other devices running v6. The only thing that happens is you get a message that you need to upgrade, and syncing is disabled. Everything resolves itself when mSecure 6 is installed.

@Rand What do you mean when you talk about mSecure 5.5 not launching? Are you talking about mSecure 6, or are you having problems with the older version of the app on a different device?

Well...the installed version is/was 5.5. That was working fine yesterday. This morning mSecure would not launch, as described above. I speculate that this fault might be due to a forced auto-install of 6, but since the app won't run I have no proof. All on this device: Lenovo Thinkpad 580 running Windows 10 Pro 21H2. All Windows OS and feature releases are current.

When will Mseven roll out the V.6 Android app in Germany? Mseven forced me to update my desktop app to V.6, which disables synchronization with the app's mobile instances (e.g. on Android). Synchronization was the key feature which made me buy and use Msecure. Mseven just broke a very useful tool with its extremely heavy-handed approach to updating. What's more, your customer service isn't even replying to my service ticket. What kind of a company are you?

@Timo The Android app should be available to everyone now. A new release was published this morning with a 100% rollout.

@Rand There is a new Windows version available in the Microsoft Store, and I'm hopeful that will take care of the problem you are facing. After downloading the update, you should have version Did that have any effect on the problem?

 Hm - indeed there's a V. 6 update on Google Play now - but it's broken. I still can't update my V. 5 app. I'd appreciate if you take another - very hard - look at the update files you're offering on Google play.

@Timo The update is not broken on the Play Store. Our other customers are downloading it, and I have no problems downloading it on my device. You need to either reboot your device, or delete the Google Play app cache or both. You should have no problems downloading the new version of mSecure onto your Android devices.

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