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mSecure update info


I received an email that was explaining the process of updating and purchasing an mSeure  6 subscription. Unfortunately I cannot locate that email I received so I am hoping someone can enlighten me or have the email sent to me again for reading? Any feedback is appreciated.

Bill Paris

Hi Bill,

Thank you for contacting us! This is no problem at all, as you can view the email we sent out online with this link:

Let me know if you have any questions about mSecure 6.

Will the update be recognized when I boot up mSecure initially? I have no problem with a subscription on a monthly or yearly basis. Just hope the upgrade will go flawlessly. Thank you for any response Mike.

No problem at all Bill! The migration of your data will take place automatically as mSecure 6 will install over the top of mSecure 5. After the update is downloaded, you'll simply open mSecure 6, and all your data will be viewable in the new app. Of course, you'll need to update on all your devices, but the migration is automatically done in the background.

In that case I am ready whenever you are. Really looking forward to the new upgrade Mike. Thank you for the quick response and support!! Love the mSecure app! I use it every day.
One last query Mike… Will the monthly subscription be valid for my iPhone and my iMac? Thank you! Bill

Thank you for your feedback on mSecure Bill! The subscription will be applied to your mSecure account, so whatever device you run mSecure on will be covered.

When will v6 roll out??

Hi Bernadette,

We are doing everything we can to release either before the end of day today or tomorrow morning.

Wow - that would be awesome! I know I'm such geek when it comes to new apps & technology. But I haven't been more pleased with a password manager in my life. It's saved me countless hours and angry people behind me at the grocery store when I forget my PIN number. LoL thanks again! Have a happy Friday!

@Bernadette I wanted to give you an updated since I mentioned doing everything we can to get v6 released by today. I'm hoping you received the email from use letting you know the is taking some time to get approved by the various app stores, but if not, here's the email we sent out:

As soon as each of the app stores approves the builds we submitted, we will be releasing v6 to the public.

Unable to update and sync I am unable to find a way to update my iPhone mSecure app. I am also unable to sync my computer and my phone. I am running a version of 5 on my phone and purchased the new subscription for my computer. The App Store doesn’t offer an update that I can find and there doesn’t appear to be a sync button on the phone. When I try syncing from the computer, nothing happens on the phone. My phone, which is how how primarily use the app is now out of date because I did “housecleaning” and adding items on my computer ( easier to do that there. Help!


If I understand you correctly, you were able to upgrade to mSecure 6 on your computer, but you can't update on your iPhone. If that's the case, can you try opening this link on your iPhone:

The direct link has been helpful for those customers who weren't able to update the app like normal. Did that help Katherine?

Did not work last night but this morning it did! Finally have phone app updated and sync’s to computer. Thanks. Katherine

Great news Katherine! Let me know should need further assistance.

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