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Rethink Subscription!

Hello.  I just read your email and materials about going to subscription pricing.  I have been a mSecure user for at least the last 5 years.  I now have mSecure 5.7.2  I have felt that mSecure was a great product and recommended it to countless other people.

The reason I chose mSecure was in large part because it was a one-time cost. I am disappointed that you are moving to subscription pricing.

I am a little confused reading the materials and have a few questions:

1.  Do I have to pay $19.99 become a mSecure Pro user to retain use of the app?

2.  How long will the non-subscription app be supported?

3. What is the subscription price?

I hope you will reconsider going to subscription app.  I for me am unlikely to do that and will look for another less expensive password app.

Thank you!

Anthony Witt

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@Mike, Android update isn't in Play Store yet. Unfortunately. But you give me answer in my topic, thank you. I think that one of the general problem/question is below: Also all of us have 30 day premium trial and we can check, what is included in essential only after expiration of this trial period. I understand, that upgrading or moving to subscription model isn't easy so I'll wait until this trial period ends to check all of essential features.

iPhone app tells me to update -- app store has no update for mSecure app. Hmm, kind of a problem.

@Michael I had the same problem.  On the page title "updates"  click on open. That redirected me to the upgrade screen.  I think normally the "open" button displays "update" if there is an update. It was a bit odd that it still displayed open. 

@Timothy I do not see a page titled "updates".

hi @Michael I think these are the steps I followed I went to the App Store, in the search bar I entered "msecure" The top item in the list showed "Password Manager-..." and to the left it showed the msecure logo. It also showed the open button to the right.  This is the button I click on my iPhone.  I hope this helps.

No luck @Timothy. I just opened up the app. I wonder if the fact that I have it on my Win PC and syncing with my iPhone is causing a version descrepancy? 

@Michael That's a shame, The last thing I can mention I did update my Mac before updating my iPhone. Good luck. 

Thanks @Timothy.

@Timothy Thank you very much for helping here!

@Michael Have you been able to upgrade on your iPhone? Whatever is happening isn't being caused by you having mSecure 6 installed on your PC first. The problem is you're not seeing the update that you should see in the App Store on your iPhone. Can you try opening the App Store app, and then tap the little circle icon in the top right of the screen. Scroll down in the "Account" popup and you should see an updates section. Do you see mSecure there?

@Mike - mSecure I do not see an update for mSecure. I am running iOS 15.4 and my mSecure app Account type is Pro 5.73 (784).


I'm not sure what's keeping V6 from being available in the App Store, but you should have no problems downloading it. The reason it hasn't happened automatically is because it's set rollout gradually, which means the App Store chooses random users for the automatic upgrade. However, the nice thing about the App Store is that even in gradual rollout mode, users can still manually download the update in the App Store app.

Real quick, go ahead and open the App Store app on your iOS devices, then tap the circular icon in the top right of the screen (probably has your portrait in it). In the Accounts page that pops up, scroll down to the updates section. Do you see any updates, and if so, do you see mSecure in the list?

It might be that Michael isn’t recognising the app in the App Store as it doesn’t seem to mention mSecure in the App Store title on my iPhone. It’s just called “Password Manager” and doesn’t say “update” but “open”.

Still getting a message saying I need to upgrade the app, still not in the app store (yes, I did all the stuff previously listed in this thread)

It’s in my iOS App Store under Password Manager - mSecure - see attached.

Ignore my last message as having clicked it doesn’t update the app it seems - just opens it! Sorry!

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