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Rethink Subscription!

Hello.  I just read your email and materials about going to subscription pricing.  I have been a mSecure user for at least the last 5 years.  I now have mSecure 5.7.2  I have felt that mSecure was a great product and recommended it to countless other people.

The reason I chose mSecure was in large part because it was a one-time cost. I am disappointed that you are moving to subscription pricing.

I am a little confused reading the materials and have a few questions:

1.  Do I have to pay $19.99 become a mSecure Pro user to retain use of the app?

2.  How long will the non-subscription app be supported?

3. What is the subscription price?

I hope you will reconsider going to subscription app.  I for me am unlikely to do that and will look for another less expensive password app.

Thank you!

Anthony Witt

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Hi Tony,

Thank you for contacting us about mSecure 6! Here is a link to how pricing will work in mSecure:

While we aren't reconsidering the change in moving to a subscription model, the main thing to take note of is the "important" message at the top of the content: "IMPORTANT: If you currently have a V5 Pro license, you do not need to purchase a subscription for mSecure 6. You will be automatically given an Essentials Subscription at no cost!" This simply means that if you have purchased a license for mSecure 5, which is called a Pro license, the only way you have to sign up for a subscription is if you want or need any of the features in the Premium subscription tier. All of the features available in mSecure 5 with a Pro license are contained in a V6 Essentials account.

Also, if I'm misunderstanding your situation, and you don't have an mSecure 5 Pro license, you can purchase one at any time before the V6 release. As long as you have purchased an mSecure 5 license before V6 is released, you'll get access to the V6 Essentials tier at no cost.

How do I confirm whether I have V5 Pro license.  I checked the "about" on my app and I have mSecure 5 (5.7.2)

Tony, to check which version you have, go to settings, then Account, then look under Account type - and it will say mSecure Pro, if that's the version you have.

I too am rather dissapointed with having paid for the pro version and now having to pay a monthly subscription to get the full mSecure 6 version. Especially as my wife and I have this software running on our own devices. Have you considered a "family" subscription?

@Nigel We will be implementing a Family license as soon as possible after the release of v6. It's listed as the first feature on the Roadmap page on our site. While I don't know exactly when it will become available, it is one of the highest priorities on our list.

@Tony Were you able to find out what type of account you have?

Very unhappy that I have to either lose functionality (Groups / Tags for one) or start paying for the premium version just to keep the functionality I already bought. If I don't need the new capabilities of v6, can I revert to v5 and stay there?

Doug, I don’t think you will lose functionality with V6 Essentials as mSecure say ”All of the features available in mSecure 5 with a Pro license are contained in a V6 Essentials account.”

@Nigel, according to this page (Plans - mSecure) Tags are a Premium option. Tags evidently replace Groups, which was a key feature in previous versions of mSecure. When I upgraded to v6 - even with Premium Trial - my Groups disappeared and Tags are also blank. So that's awesome. Kind of feel like I got robbed...

I have over 700 items in mSecure and had them in 9 different Groups to keep them organized (e.g., Work, Personal, Parents, Kids, Spouse, etc.). Now have to pay for Tags and then review the 700+ items and tag them? Oh, and I just discovered that my monthly CSV exports haven't been working so I don't even have that as a reference. (I "Export all records to CSV file" on a backup drive every month, and looking at those files now they have like less than 10 of my 700+ items.) 

I don't see what is included in Essential -- it is not clear if items like cloud syncing are part of it. Which is why I purchase this product in the first place.  Been a user for four years now. 

As far as I understand it, the V6 Essentials has all the things V5 PRO had, so if you had V5 PRO could sync should be included.

I've created similar topic... I'n my Pro license mSecure 5 I can attach PDF, but as I understand - in mSecure 6 I'll loose this functionality. Sounds very bad :(

@Doug I'm not sure what you are referring to here. In mSecure 6, you could add only one group to a record. In mSecure 6, you will be able to add one tag to a record if you have an Essentials account. The features are virtually identical. Also, your groups are supposed to be converted to a tag when you upgrade to V6. Did you upgrade to V6 on a PC by chance, and if so, did your groups not get imported as tags?

@Michael You can find more information about the features and pricing in V6 here:

@Nigel You are correct. You get everything you had in V5, and more, if you had a V5 license on your account.

@Kostianty Only the Android version supported PDFs in V5. Are you saying you can't add a PDF to the Android version of mSecure 6?

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