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The future of mSecure

I have been using mSecure since 2013/14 when I bought separate licenses for desktop, iOS and Android. Later I upgraded to the newer versions of mSecure which was a single license purchase for multiple devices (I use a MacBook, Android phone and iPad)

I love using mSecure and its simplicity. 

Of late (past 2-3 years) I notice that mSecure never seems to feature in the Top 10 lists of password managers. I barely see it even show up when I search for Password managers. 

Is there an active demand for this product and sufficient support levels to ensure continued support for future device/OS evolutions ? 


Hi Vasu,

Thank you for contacting us. We are in the process of getting the next major release to mSecure - mSecure 6 - ready for release now, so we believe there's sufficient demand for the product. While our customers base may not be as large as some of our biggest customers, it is strong and very loyal. As of now, our plans are to continue developing mSecure indefinitely.

Regarding password manager reviews, we do hope to get on more lists in the future, but we don't land on many of them at this time.

Thanks Mike. 

That's good to hear that mSecure 6 will be launching soon. My wife and I love mSecure. I need to get a password manager for my college age kids. and am trying to figure out the best options for a family plan. I see from another thread that mSecure 6 is going to be on an annual license fee as opposed to the current pay once for license plan. Do you plan to offer family plans as well ? 


No problem at all Vasu, and thank you for your continued support! mSecure 6 will be moving to a recurring subscription model when it's released. There will be two tiers you can subscribe to, and if you have a Pro license, you'll be grandfathered into the lower "Essentials" tier. This is the tier that includes all of the mSecure 5 functionality. For the 6.0 public release, we will not have a family plan implemented, but that is one of the prioritized features we already have on the roadmap for upcoming releases. Currently, we plan on offering at least 5 seats for the family plan, but I think it might end up being more than that. And we'll have the ability to add more seats for larger families and businesses either when the family plan is first released or soon thereafter.

This made me curious enough to check some best password manager lists.

Techradar described mSecure as "A capable password manager that's improving" and their main criticism - apart from lack of a family plan - was " There's no option to force it to produce human-readable words. As a result, every password is a truly random string that’s hard to type if you don’t have auto-fill enabled." This is a good point - I never use the password generator as I much prefer human readable passwords - I want something I can remember for a few seconds while I type it in.

Thank you for the feedback Andy. mSecure 6 does have a words-based password option for the password manager. However, the words that are used can be fairly obscure, which is what I have seen with other password managers as well. For example, I just generated a hyphen-delimited password using the "Words" option, and the password generated is: "coral-swot-anama-rentless'. You can change it to fewer words to make it more memorable, but as of now, there isn't a lot of control over how well-known or simple the words are. This is the biggest problem with the words generator, because you don't want the words to be super simple words, and you also want to have quite a few words since you only have lowercase letters and a special characters for symbols. I would definitely recommend using random strings for passwords for all important accounts like bank and credit card accounts, but the words option is there for the password generator in v6.

Thanks Mike - I should have checked mSecure6 before I posted.

I'm still not sure if I'd use the way its implemented as I tend to use easier words but include numerics, uppercase and special characters.

My method is a compromise between all lower case words and a string of random characters.

I can look at my password and remember it long enough to enter into an online form.

Making any changes to the mSecure6 method isn't a priority to me,


msecure  will not transfers login name and password on certain apps in iphone 12.

Hi Tom,

That version number is an older version of mSecure. The first thing I'm going to have you do is check for updates to mSecure in the App Store app. After we get you running 5.7.3, we can see if that fixed the problem, and if not, I'll try to get more information from you to see what's going wrong.

Thank you I love the “my cloud” storage of my passwords

@Tom Did updating to 5.7.3 fix the problem you were experiencing?

I have on Windows 10 and my ipad and iphone versions are 5.7.3(784).  When I activate the link on ipad it opens a dark blue and blank “Enter website” field with a bank white body.  If I hold my finger on the initial website link it gives me the mSecure Browser, Safari and Copy choices.  If I chose “Safari” it opens the login page with blank UserID/Password fields.  Being seamless is no longer available.


Do you think that “Touch ID” is interfering with your program?  I use it to open mSecure on iPad and FaceID on iPhone.


@Tom Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time understanding what you are describing here. What do you mean when you say, "When I activate the link on iPad it opens a dark blue and blank 'Enter website' field with a blank white body"? I don't know what that's referring to, because there is nothing to activate in mSecure on iOS. Can you tell me what the name of the screen is you are seeing before you tap whatever link is the "activate" link?

Maybe the easiest thing to do is just describe for me what happens when you open mSecure on your PC and on your iPad. Are you able to enter your password to unlock the app?

Also, I now understand you are using on your PC, which makes sense. That is latest release for mSecure 5 on Windows. And version 5.7.3 is the latest version of iOS, so you are up to date with your mSecure apps.

Here’s the screenshot of what appears when I activate mSecures website link.

It doesn’t happen on all links, but usually the ones I most rely on. The auto-fill function is inop

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